Value Satisfaction Over Expectation – Key to Happiness

Today, everyone is struggling for happiness but there are lot of things that do not allow us to remain happy. We always worry about one or another issue that takes our happiness away. A student always thinks about getting good marks in examination. After exams, he will be tensed about result and when result will be declared,he will be stressed to find good college.

Then the person completes his/her higher studies and start looking for a job. Still, he/she will continuously think about a good job with favorable location and package. After getting a job one will make efforts for promotion and raise in pay scale. After this people will think about marriage and children. So,the responsibilities and worries never ends and one will always be trying to be happy and satisfied from own life.


Key To Happiness

Stop controlling things

You cannot control everything that happens in your life and what ought to happen. Just accept the reality the way it is and try to be happy. Do not run over to the things to find your happiness”. Understand the concept that you can be happy wherever you are and in whatever you are doing.

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Be positive

We always ask questions from ourselves that why we are being tested by God as everyone around us seems so happy and full of joy. You have to understand that happiness after struggle and facing sadness will make you happier like no one else is and everybody faces problem but they do not show and fight happily. Always remember that the grass seems greener at the other side. Life is all about ups and downs. Stay positive and take a stand. 

Friend circle

Yes, it affects directly on you that how your friends are; and what thinking they possess. People those who are full of negativity and do not let you do something good in your life should be ignored. This life is yours and you have full right to decide who you want to hang out with and who is not good for you.

Stop comparing

Do not compare your life or your happiness with the condition of someone else. You never know that what other person is going through ,its just that he is smiling that doesn’t mean that person is really happy. What seems to you is not always the reality. So, stop comparing yourself with someone else and find your strength and prioritize your happiness.

Therefore, happiness is something that everyone seeks but we have really wrong concept of this notion. So, start giving time to yourself and feel happy for little things that you do for yourself. Its not something that you can achieve in future, it depends upon your mindset. Try to keep yourself happy and live a joyously.

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