Here are The Reasons Why You Should Focus On One Thing at a Time

“I am good in this. Oh I am a little better in that too. Oh Yes! I know a little bit about it too. But I am not an expert in a particular thing”. If you are such type of person, Here are the reasons why you should focus on one thing at a time. This is the predicament with most of the people present out there. We are good in many things, but not a master of one. The reason why most of the pass outs cannot find a way to establish their career is relatable. Youth gets pissed off and give up because of this frustration.

What if you give up? My friend, giving up is not the answer. The only way you can succeed and break that wall to kick start your career is to focus on a single thing. We have the reasons to do so.

reasons why you should focus on one thing at a time
Reasons why you should focus on one thing at a time

Here are the reasons why you should focus on one thing at a time

You are not a machine

A human being has some limitations. We have physical limitations and we cannot work 24*7. We have mental limitations and we cannot store each and everything in our memory. Remembering too many things becomes tough and that is when we start forgetting things.

Now here’s the hack. Focusing on one thing at a time eventually frees the space in our memory and do not compel the brain to remember other least important tasks. Each and every thing is never that important to be remembered. Register the important things related to your work and ignore least important ones.

This will not only help you in getting mind boggling ideas about your niche but will also enhance your overall productivity in that ONE THING. Bingo!! Isn’t it cool?

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Buckle up for a big goal

Instead of wasting your time and energy on lots of small and meaningless goals (that are not even related to your ultimate goal) try to focus on a bigger one. Invest in a long term goal to give your life a direction.

There are many benefits of focusing on a big goal rather than smaller ones. One of the benefits is, putting all your focus and energy on a single goal does not require you to collect motivation. More over all your energy and the knowledge you gain ultimately belongs to a single subject.

The things remain in momentum whole day long, just because you do not even have any other reason to get distracted.

Fear remains in a single bag

Lots of goals mean lots of work. Lots of works means lots of bags (the bags of burden). Each bag contains its own fear within it. Too many bags mean too many reasons of fear.

In simple words – A single goal comes with a single bag and a single slice of fear within that bag. No big deal! You just have to take care of that single work and fight with that single fear to sustain.

Don’t you like the concept?

Simplified To-Do list

One of the major reasons why you should focus on one thing at a time is a simplified To-Do list. No worries to maintain that To-Do List for every single meeting. Too many goals mean too many domains to work upon. More domains mean more meetings. To maintain the To-Do lists for every single meeting could be hectic. Here to-do list can be considered as the things you register in your brain and try to remember details about different works separately.

That is the reason I am constantly asking you to focus on a single goal and simplify your life as soon as possible.

Challenges become easy

Finding solutions to the problems become easier.  You will obviously encounter problems in your daily life, if you are working on something. The only advantage of working on a single goal is, the problems are roughly similar. All the problems points out to a single source. That is when you can use your experience to solve that very problem.

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It’s better to be known for one thing

You cannot be known for everything at the same time. In the same way a fish cannot be judged for a flying competition. People trust on a master of a single skill more than an all rounder who works average.

Try to become an expert of a particular thing. Proficiency in a single skill and the life will become simple and easy to live.

Hope these are enough reasons why you should focus on one thing at a time if you want to succeed in life.

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