Post Gym Essentials for Women

POST GYM ESSENTIALS FOR WOMEN: Have a date or an office meeting, right after the gym? Fret not, here’s all you need to look put together within a matter of minutes.

Post Gym Essentials for Women
Post Gym Essentials for Women

Post Gym Essentials for Women

1. Dry Shampoo

spray on some dry shampoo, rub it in with your fingertips and tie your hair in a pony tail. The salt in the sweat, present in your hair, would add texture while the dry shampoo would give you the desired volume.

2. Wet wipes and Facewash

wipe away the sweat with some wet wipes and wash your face with a mild yet moisturizing facewash, pat dry.

3. Lip balm

we all deal with dry parched lips, especially with winters right around the corner. Moisturize your lips with a good hydrating lip balm.

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4. BB cream

who has time for a moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation? Comes to the rescue is this tiny tube of sheer magic. A BB cream would give you all the benefits and a decent coverage. It easily blends, thus saving you the hassle of carrying makeup brushes.

5. Kohl Pencil

we Indians love our kohl rimmed eyes, don’t we? Use the same kohl on your eyelid as eyeliner.
Take it to the next level, by lightly smudging the liner with your fingers.

6. Lipstick

Apply some lipstick to give your look a “on point” feel, by applying your favorite lipstick. Dab the access on your cheeks too, as a blush.

7. Perfume

spray on some perfume or a body mist and voila! You are ready.

Finally open your hair, if you want and make heads turn. “POST GYM ESSENTIALS FOR WOMEN”

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