Have you Ever Given a Thought to Open-Mindedness? – It’s Damn Cool

The only reason why I am writing on this topic is to make you aware of the possibilities around us. The only way to explore such opportunities is Open-Mindedness. Trust me it is damn sexy. It not only attracts people to deal with you, but also enhances the chances of getting success in hardcore sales as well.


Here is how open-mindedness will take you to next level

Open-mindedness means optimism

Judging people too early from time to time becomes the reason of making wrong decisions. The only root of judging people too soon is the narrow-mindedness. Open minded people never rush in judging people too easily; instead they analyze the person till the end to make more informed opinion. That makes the person optimistic and positive towards people and life.

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Lots of options are complementary

Have you ever noticed a successful sales person? A good sales person will never jump into a conclusion that the – “price is fixed.” He/she will always try to make room for the options –“Let me see what I can do.”

“Without an open-minded mind, you can never achieve success in your life.”

That is when the customer figures out that the person cares for me and the chances of sales increases. Open-minded person always look for the options with a positive attitude and does not limit himself because of a fixed mindset.


No ego problems

Open-mindedness is the opposite of ego. An egoistic person jumps to conclusion after presumptuous unrealistic things. That becomes the major reason of downfall. On the other hand an open-minded person not only slaps ego in face but never loses cool until and unless the matter becomes crystal clear. That is the only cause why people prefer an open-minded person over an egoistic one, when it comes to dealing a critical matter.

Listening comes into picture

Listening to a person helps in building the trust. It feels good when you listen to someone and understand them. It is in human behavior that people drawn to the one who listens to them.

Being open-minded means committing to listen to people with all your heart. Make them feel special and they will love dealing with you again.

Being positive is in their veins

These open-minded people are positive, no matter what the circumstances are. They do not waste their time and energy in finding the negative in everything around them. They remain positive and that is why they make the most of their time and energy.

More over we are humans and the exceptions are always there. At times the negative thoughts and depression can surround such open-minded people as well. But that is when the quality of bouncing back with more positivity comes into picture, which I keep on talking about.

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