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Hi, I am Monty Balhara and This is My Transformation Story. I found this portal where people share their Body Transformation Story so here I am with mine. With a vision of getting good physique i started my journey back in 2015 and i was not at all prepared for the amazing results as i was a guy with weight of 90 kg and i just joined the gym to get slim and toned up body.

My Transformation Story

Under the guidance of my trainer Mr. Nikhil, I achieved good results. He trained me like his friend rather than treating me as a student . He gave me detailed knowledge and advice regarding the supplements and helped me to achieve my goals. He was my first trainer and still i am under his guidance.

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At present I am a guy with 76 KG of weight with well defined body shape. Trust me getting a good physique was never an easy task. It took a lot of Will power, determination and hard work to achieve this level of strength and structure.

My Transformation Story
Monty Balhara

Sometimes i felt like giving up but then my trainer and my family supported me a lot. Watching motivational videos and informational content played an important role in backing up my mind with a “Never Give Up” attitude.

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The only motive of sharing My Transformation Story with you guys here at Millionaires Core is to motivate you all so that you can also achieve your goals by not giving up and chasing your dreams 24*7. You can surely achieve whatever you wish for. So buckle up for whatever you want to achieve. Having a ‘Go get it’ kind of attitude will only lead you to success and trust me you will not regret it for sure.

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