I am Gaurav Kaushal and This is My Transformation Story

Hi! My name is Gaurav Kaushal and this is My Transformation Story. First of all I want to thank Millionaires Core for providing me a platform to showcase my hard work and the thing I love to do. I am not only interested in body building as a hobby, but this is my passion and I want to opt this in future as my career too.

My Transformation Story
Gaurav Kaushal

With a dream of getting a macho man physique like fitness models, this journey started back in 4th May 2015. Back then I weighed approximately 54 KG with a skinny physique. I know it is quite normal for boys at that age to be skinny or fat; but I was not at all pleased with the same and was in need of a miracle to transform into a beast.

With lots of hard work and dedication, I joined a gym to start workout and focused on strength and gaining mass. Thanks to my trainer Mr. Abhishek Gill who trained me with all his heart and inspired me to achieve whatever I want.

Right now my body weight is around 78 KG and I must say it only constitutes of the quality muscles. I am training in Bulls Fitness Planet in Race Course, Dehradun. The toughest part of my journey was keeping track of the diet plan. As you all know it’s 70% diet and 30% workout, when it comes to bodybuilding. It took a lot of will power and dedication to keep up the pace in both the domains.

More over there comes a time when the body stops showing results and it becomes difficult to break that plateau, but with a change in routine and diet plan you can get out of that plateau state. Things become easy and that is how I kept moving in this journey.

The one and only thing I want to convey through this My Transformation Story is never lose hope and keep moving with a vision in your mind. Journey might get tough, but once you reach to your destination; all the pain and struggle fades away and only remains the happiness and satisfaction.

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