Milium – Adopting these Habits Can Heal these Spots

Milium is one of the major reasons that spoils your face. Face is the index of a person and I must say that the saying “First impression is the last impression” is pretty much related when it comes to your face. Your skin tells a lot about your grooming habits. Ever noticed those small white irritating moles like cysts on your face? They are called Milia and Milium (if you have many). No matter what your age is, this stubborn skin problem doesn’t even care.


Milium constitutes of a substance called Keratin. Keratin is present in our nails and hair too. There is no fixed information on when these cysts usually disappears. To get rid of them you can go for medical procedures called Milia Extraction. However, a little change in your daily habits can heal this problem forever.

Get rid of Milium with these tips


Our busy schedule does not give us chance to take proper care of our skin and this is the major cause of this problem. Washing face regularly with a good quality facewash (wisely chosen according to your skin type) can help in healing Milium. Do not forget to wash your face before going to bed.


Safeguard yourself from UV rays and other harmful radiations you are prone to, usually when you go out. A good quality sunscreen lotion can protect your skin from these radiations which triggers the formation of Milium.


Do not forget to moisturize your face every time you wash it. You can avoid moisturizing at the time of going to bed, just because our skin needs adequate time to breath. This is the time when our skin renews the dead cells.

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Steam it up

Taking regular steam can enhance the quality of your skin and can help in regular functioning of the tiny pores present in your skin. Go for sauna and spa frequently. It can actually help in deep cleansing of your skin.

Home remedies

There are various home remedies which can help in preserving you against this problem like applying honey, lemon, eggs to exfoliate your skin and also eating green vegetables can provide you enough nutrients to maintain immunity against Milium.

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