Meet the New Womanpreneur: How The Girl From Uttarakhand Became A Successful Interior Designer

Hailing from Uttarakhand, Apurva Baluni is a successful interior designer today. Now, the girl is offering a platform, GreenPearlsDesign & Studios to impart industry knowledge to budding interior enthusiasts.

Meet the New Womanpreneur

Meet the New Womanpreneur: How The Girl From Uttarakhand Became A Successful Interior Designer

With a hope to shape her dream to be a successful interior designer, Apurva Baluni has achieved a lot in a short time span. Hailing from Rishikesh, the girl sailed successfully through all the odds to be a successful interior designer. Taking a step further, she is now bringing a platform to all the budding interior designers through her venture Green Pearls Design& Studio. The venture is a platform for interior designer students in Rishikesh and Dehradun to know the technical know-how of the industry from the mentors who are working in Delhi with the industry experts.

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While starting her journey from the small town of Rishikesh, Apurva faced the difficulties even to make a position among the experts. But, her continuous efforts helped her achieve success and the fame as an interior designer. With her vision to make it easy for students to get into the industry, Apurva Baluni is now providing her services as an interior designer to the contractors and as a mentor to the students in the suburbs of Dehradun and Rishikesh. The entrepreneur is committed to offer all the insights from the industry to the students.

Earning the fame in the industry is never easy. But, your continuous efforts, hard work, and dedication can be the ultimate zeal to take you beyond the clouds. Apurva Baluni is a well-set example of the same.

In case, you dream to be an entrepreneur do let your dream breathe for a while, do let yourself fear the reality, do let your mind gamble on every decision you make. If you are willing to make it big, do give it a chance. Giving your dreams a chance is worth trying, don’t let your fear ever win over your ambition even if it is the blurred vision. Entrepreneurs see the world in a different light than others, who knows you have the vision too that requires a little focus!!!

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