Mind your Manners : You are Under Surveillance

Yes you are under surveillance and there is no point of ignoring your manners. People are watching you 24*7. Everything you do, everything you say and everything you wear get noticed. It says a lot about your personality and the type of person you actually are. These are the things you can keep track of, to enhance your over all presence in the society.

Key points when it comes to manners


Dressing Sense

Life is too short to wear boring clothes. Here good clothes do not mean branded and expensive ones, but well fitted and comfortable attire. When you are in a party or in public, your dressing sense reveals a lot about your personality and your taste. Dress well in order to make good and long lasting impression. You never know what the person next to you is assuming about you. Your collection of clothing can be limited but it should fit you well and should enhance your presence.

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Mind your Language

Yes, we should respect our elders. Everyone does; but the characteristic which actually showcases your etiquette is the way you communicate with everyone else. How a person communicates with other people and with persons from different age group says a lot about that person. The way of talking, gestures of a person help one to know the manners of that person. For example: The way you communicate with a waiter, subordinates, peons; etc.


A person who arrives always on or before time is liked by everyone. We all appreciate the person who knows the real value of time. Time is valuable for everyone. Respect your time as well as the time of others. Never create problems for other people by delaying the work from your end. It might cost them a lot. Have some empathy about the other person and try to make their tasks smoother.

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Eating Properly

The way a person eats and his / her hand movements are noticed by all. Avoid speaking unnecessarily while eating. Try not to make that chewing noise with your mouth. It is believed that when majority of group is vegetarian. Try not to order non-vegetarian dish for you as it might make others feel uncomfortable.

Right Vocabulary

Do not let your words hurt others. Always think twice before speaking as words cannot be taken back. A person who uses abusive language or foul language while talking makes bad impression. One should try to use respectable words while talking to others irrespective of their age group. Moreover never talk behind others back; it is the worst thing you can ever do to someone.

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