Sometimes Life is All about ‘Me’ – Love Yourself and Lift Yourself

Have you ever thought of leaving every single thing as it is and go away to spend some time alone? If the answer is positive, then the blog is for you. Because I want you to Love Yourself and Lift Yourself.

The most important word that should never be neglected is ‘Me’. Never compromise when it comes to your Self Respect and happiness. Obviously there are times when you will have to take decisions for your loved ones and the important people in your life. But that doesn’t mean that you have to ignore your choices and desires.

Love Yourself and Lift Yourself

6 Ways to Love Yourself and Lift Yourself

Show those raw emotions

Do not hide your feelings behind that fake mask of compromises. Show it raw and real even if the world doesn’t like it. Expose that true desire and fire that is inside you. People do not have the right to judge you. They are not inhaling that oxygen to keep you alive. They are not paying your bills. They are not the master of your heart.

Love Yourself and Lift Yourself

The people who are judging you out there are only making those assumptions based on their own mindset and thinking capacity. Why should you sacrifice your happiness for the sake of such heartless people?

Show what you are good at

There is no need to follow others, instead create your own paths. There is no need to copy others, showcase your real talent and the reason why you are here in this world. Take off that artificial dress which you are wearing to keep the world happy. You don’t have to keep each and everyone happy. They can take care of themselves. Sometimes being a little bit selfish is OK. You do not have to hurt others for your happiness. Just live your own life and let others live theirs. That is how things work.

Love Yourself and Lift Yourself

Show your passion

Are you passionate for a particular thing? Show it to the world. Do not worry about their comments and judgments. Have that “Nothing can stop me” kind of attitude and keep working on your goals with a commitment. People will try to stop you for sure. Even directly or indirectly your loved ones will misguide you emotionally or logically. But you will have to follow your instincts. And that is when you will create miracle.

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Do not forget to be polite

The journey will be rough for sure. Choosing the long road is not that easy. Tough times will make your tougher and harsh. All you have to do is keep reminding your heart and mind to be polite. Controlling emotions and treating people with kindness is one of the most important practices followed by the successful people. They do not even have a good IQ but a good EQ as well. So be polite and the journey will be fruitful at the end.

Push through pain

Have you ever gone through the line “Pain is temporary”? Yes you did. The meaning is deep and you must know it. Pain is a feeling which you will feel for sure, as soon as you will start leaving your comfort zone. Crossing that boundary of comfort zone and getting out of it is where the actual life is; the actual life where miracles happen. So make up your mind and body that there is too much pain coming and you will have to stay stronger.

Inspire others and let them join you

Imagine – “You are working on your dream project, and the person next to you comments that you are going to fail.” How will you feel? Bad…. Isn’t it?

So never let that happen with someone next to you. Instead motivate and inspire others with positive words and they will feel great. Your words can inspire others. Even if you do not know about other’s goals and planning, try to encourage them with simple words and witness the wonders they can do.

Love Yourself and Lift Yourself

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