Life Lessons by Stephen Hawking – Tribute to Real Life Superhero

Life lessons by Stephen Hawking: Wish to learn a little more about life? There was a source who recently left us and is finally shining like a star in the beautiful valley of heaven. Yes, I am talking about Stephen Hawking. Hawking has not only achieved brilliant milestones in science domain but has also taught us various important dimensions of life.

Life lessons by Stephen Hawking
Life lessons by Stephen Hawking

Life lessons by Stephen Hawking were quite useful in learning about the planets, universe and at the same time, ourselves. He taught us the importance of asking the questions like ‘How’ and ‘Why’. He once said :

“I am just a child who has never grown up. I still keep asking these ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions. Occasionally, I find an answer.”

Stephen Hawking always wanted people to ask themselves the questions again and again until they get the answers. He wanted us to remain curious and courageous like children throughout the life. Life is a question mark and there are immense possibilities to attain knowledge and make everything possible by asking questions and finding out the answers.

Besides suffering from ALS and bound to wheelchair, Stephen never left hope and had dreams like everyone else. His kind of superhero was ‘Superman’ and he always wanted to fly like him in real life. His knowledge was obviously one of the superpowers he had along with the ‘never give up’ attitude to challenge the problems he faced in real life.

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Giving a concept of Empathy to control the aggression is one of the major steps he contributed to save the mankind. Keeping empathy on point, one can ultimately control anger and can understand the problems other person is facing and help in analyzing him/her by putting oneself in their shoes. According to him each and every person has empathy in their heart but it needs practice to implement it in life. Empathy helps people in connecting with other person’s emotions and feelings to make this world a better place.

This blog is a tribute to such a great personality on the day when we lost him. May his soul rest in peace and bless mankind to walk with wisdom.

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