Life Lessons by 72 Years Badass Model – Ron Harmer has too Much to Share

Life Lessons by 72 Years Badass Model: Have you ever heard about Ron Harmer? He is a 72 years old kid….. Yes, you got me right. Ron does not believe in getting older and can give you all the reasons to agree.

He has many Life Lessons to give after experiencing lots of phases of his life. He may have retired from the career in international logistics but is still running with the same pace to achieve more and more in his thrilling life.

Life Lessons by 72 Years Badass Model
Life Lessons by 72 Years Badass Model

Grab a pen and jot down these important Life Lessons by 72 Years Badass Model, Ron Harmer

Never hesitate in trying something new

At the age of 72, Ron began a new career as a male model and is proud of it. Ron was always fascinated for fashion and clothing from the early age and when given a chance at the age of 72, he loved this new gig and welcomed the offer with open arms.

He says, “When my friends came to know about my modeling gig, they were more than happy and most of them (especially the lady friends) said ‘Ohh, you are a natural for that.”

One thing we should learn from this type of attitude towards life is, never take your life too seriously and enjoy the opportunities given by life. The optimistic approach towards life will surely help you in walking miles.

Life Lessons by 72 Years Badass Model
Life Lessons by 72 Years Badass Model

Embrace yourself

One of the most important life lessons that Ron gives us is to love yourself, embrace yourself and take a stand for your beliefs and ideas. Ron openly accepts that he is a Gay and is very cool and is very cool about his sexuality. He obviously faced too much of discrimination and criticism but his attitude towards life and the way of handling such challenges are the only reason he is ruling the industry at present.

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Love what you do, and keep doing it till the end of your life

Ron’s mindset is like “grow bold, not old” and that is the only reason he is still passionate about salsa and rave parties. He says when he is not engaged with shoots and fashion parades, Ron’s other passions like Salsa dance and Rave parties (but without drugs) keeps him busy.

He loves dancing with his girlfriend and is still energetic to arrange the parties. He is the face of ‘Feros Care’s Grow Bold’ campaign and is proud to spread it across the globe.

Look after yourself

There is no harm in looking after yourself, eventually you are the one who will have to take care of your body, health and lifestyle. Ron went through a heart attack few months back and that was the reason he had to make few changes in his lifestyle. He had to quit smoking cigarettes and avoiding excess alcohol.

Ron advises everyone to follow a healthy diet plan. Keep alcohol in moderation and avoid junk food as much as you can. Going vegetarian three to four days a week is the best you could do for your body. Try to maintain the body weight through cardio sessions and regular workouts.

Set new goals

It does not matter how many goals you have already achieved in your life. Never hesitate to set new goals and challenge yourselves to conquer new sets of goals. Ron does the same and his new goal is to go for catwalk modeling and he does not even care if he gets paid for the same or not.

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