Who Packed your Parachute? – An Inspirational Life Lesson

Apart from all the inspirational blogs with key points, here this article is a kind of story; an inspirational short story to supply a very important life lesson. This is a story of a U.S. Naval academy graduate. He was the pilot of a fighting jet and after approx 75 combat missions; his jet got shot by a missile.

Life Lesson
Charles Plumb

However the man ejected at the precise time but parachuted in the enemy’s land and got captured for 6 years in the enemy’s territories.

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As soon as the man got relieved from the enemies province and came back to his country, time passed by and he got recovered from the happening very soon because of his combating strength of mind. There was something amazing about to hit this man. This was none other than a life lesson in the form of a person.

Life Lesson
They put a name tag of the packer on each parachute.

The pilot was out for a coffee with his wife, when a man approached him in the coffee shop and said “Are you the naval pilot who got captured in the enemy’s land after surviving the explosion?”

The naval pilot replied with a shock “How the hell do you know that?”

The other man said “Because I am the one who packed your parachute, and I guess it worked.” The pilot greeted the person with surprise and happiness at the same time and replied “It sure did, that is the only reason I am here in front of you today.”

Life Lesson

That is when the pilot learned a life lesson; the lesson of gratitude and giving back. We do not even know about the people who are responsible for our happiness and the people who make our life better. We may fail to spread a smile, say a hello, thank you, please or congratulate someone for their achievement. We may fail in doing well for someone for no reason.

So this year, try to recognize the people who ‘pack your parachute’ and give them back with a kind gesture of gratitude.

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