Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO and Founder has already made $10 Billion in 2018

Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO and Founder is one of the billionaires and is the world’s richest man. The brand new month of the brand new year has not yet completed and Jeff Bezos has already added $10 Billion to his net worth. Isn’t it amazing?

Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO and Founder

$10 Billion is approx equal to 636105000000.00 Indian Rupee made this year; making Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, richer than Bill Gates, founder Microsoft as reported by Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

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According to Forbes Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO and Founder net worth hit $109 Billion mark and already made about $10 Billion in 2018. 10 Billion Till date means approximately $1 Billion a day. This is just because the amazon stocks rose steeply by 2 % in 2018.

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Most of Bezos’s income is because of the ownership of Amazon’s stock and the company’s brilliant performance has made it a star performer this year. According to sources Bezos’s net worth that is $108 Billion is equal to the 0.58% of GDP of the entire Unites States. Incredible Huh!!!

Let’s see what is there for the other billionaires in the bag of 2018. Wishing lots of success and fortune to Jeff Bezos. Stay updated for more Millionaire’s buzz at Millionaires Core.

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