Your Words can Make a Difference – Inspirational Short Story of 2 Frogs

Your Words can Make a Difference – Inspirational Short Story: A group of frogs was travelling in the forest and was migrating to other part of the woods. In the path two frogs among them fell into a deep pit and the group crowded around the pit and started pointing out the frogs that there is no hope left for them and they cannot come out of the pit now. So they should accept their fate and rest in peace.

Inspirational Short Story

The two frogs ignored them and tried harder to jump out of the pit. After jumping for about 100 times in a row the group of frogs shouted that they should not experience more pain and should keep calm and die in peace.

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One of the frogs heard them and stopped jumping and started waiting for the death hopelessly. The other frog kept jumping and tried even harder to come out of the pit.

The crowd continuously shouted – “stop jumping and wait for the death”. Finally after few more jumps the frog which never left hope came out of the pit; when the group of frogs asked the frog that why he never quit jumping. After some time they came to know that the frog is deaf and he never heard the crowd’s words.

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The frog thought that the crowd is cheering him up to come out of the pit; and he finally made it out of the pit with a illusion that the crowd is cheering him up.

Moral: Watch your words; your words can make a difference. Talking positive and cheering someone up to motivate them can actually boost the morale of a person. Think twice before you speak. Your words can become a matter of life and death for the other person. Speak to encourage the people, not to demoralize them.

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