Attention! These 5 excuses kill entrepreneurship – Overcome ASAP

If you are fascinated with starting a business of your own, or want to become an entrepreneur so below mentioned are few of the sentences you might have heard from your family, friends and relatives or might encounter in future. Here is how to overcome the excuses that kill entrepreneurship.

“Do not take risk. The job you are into right now is perfect for you.”

“The idea is good, but what if it fails?”

“You have a family to support, do not jump into entrepreneurship.”

“The government job with a handsome salary is safe and secure. Do not think of business.”

We will talk about such 5 excuses that kill entrepreneurship and how to overcome the excuses that kill entrepreneurship.

how to overcome the excuses that kill entrepreneurship
how to overcome the excuses that kill entrepreneurship

Here is how to overcome the excuses that kill entrepreneurship.

Excuse no. 1 – “It is not a right time to start a business.”

Solution – “The time is never RIGHT, You have to make it RIGHT.”

Human tendency is programmed in such a way that you keep on convincing yourself that I need more money, more time, more experience, more support. But the reality is; it will never be enough for us. So eventually the conclusion is, the time is NEVER right. You have to make it RIGHT and take some essential steps to get out from the comfort zone. Trust me, 2 years of now; you will thank yourself.

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Excuse no. 2 – “What if the business idea fails?”

Solution – “Failure makes you wise.”

The most important thing when it comes to entrepreneurship is the approach to take risks. Focusing on the optimistic outcome rather than talking about failures is more important. The chances are 50-50. One should always take risks. ‘Success makes you a leader and failure makes you a guide’. You can always learn something related to business, ideas, operations and other domains if you failed. “Why to think about failure and ruin your creativity when you can focus on how to succeed?”

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Excuse no. 3 – “I have not saved enough money.”

Solution – “Follow the 18 Months Rule.”

Here the 18 months rule means. If you are the primary income source for your family; and want to start your own business, save enough money to survive without income for at least 18 months. This will keep your family safe and secured by the time you move violently for your business establishment. Execute your idea for the 18 months and look if the remuneration are profitable or not; or if the idea is feasible or not. If Yes, then there will be no problem and everything will start going with a flow. If No, shut down the business and get a good job again. But keep thinking about the new ideas and do not stop your learning.

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Excuse no. 4 – “No one sees me as an entrepreneur.”

Solution – “Avoid such people and keep working on your goals.”

Haters and doubters are everywhere and trust me they will not leave you alone. You have to ignore them as a budding entrepreneur. Keep working on your goals without giving a sh** to them and very soon you will see a change in the surroundings once you start getting success. The doubters will start looking you as a leader and that is the point when your past will not even matter. Keep that vision in mind and keep working harder.

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Excuse no. 5 – “It seems the toughest thing.”

Solution – “Indeed it is. That is why people do not choose this path.”

If starting a business and being an entrepreneur was easy, everyone would do it. So if you are thinking of starting something from the scratch, trust me it is the hardest thing one could possibly do. It is totally different from working for a paycheck in a secure job. To become an entrepreneur you will have to sacrifice your sleep and probably lose all your money in the beginning. I would recommend you to think about it and ask yourself. If you really are passionate for entrepreneurship and can risk everything for the same. Go for it and live like a king once you are successful.

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