How to end all my troubles forever? – 2 Words to a Happy Life

While competing with others and living this fast moving life like a race we have almost forgot to give back whatever we have learned so far. If you are searching for How to end all my troubles forever? You have landed to a right page. We have almost lost all the qualities of a human being and are just degrading the beautiful boon of God.

You know what? We are suffering from a lot of problems at present. These problems are the outcome of our own actions that we can control very easily. It is so simple to end all the sufferings and sorrows with 2 simple practices.

2 Simple words if you are searching for How to end all my troubles forever?

How to end all my troubles forever
How to end all my troubles forever? With a Thank You


Practicing gratitude is what can put all your sorrows to end. This might sound simple and idiotic that how making a list of the things you are grateful for can make you happy. But this is what the entire successful leader all around the globe does it once in a while.

Finding three things everyday to complete the task really becomes tricky sometimes. Every now and then you will have to think harder to get the answer and that is the point when your brain will start shifting all the things you are grateful for to the subconscious part of the brain.

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Once the positive thoughts get shifted to the subconscious mind and you start developing a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. This practice of gratitude will become an addiction and you will try your best to give your 100 % to your work each and every day and celebrate those mini celebrations for the moments you are grateful for.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

While people are crying and trying harder to get that artificial happiness and wishing to live someone else’s life. They have almost forgotten to nourish the life they have got from the creator. Thank god for giving the life you are living today. Have a look at the people who cannot even afford a single meal for weeks.

Love yourself and love what you have got. Love others and give back to the humanity whatever you have got in excess. In fact the second word we are going to talk about is……

How to end all my troubles forever
How to end all my troubles forever? By Giving Back


You might be working your butt off and worried about two things “YOU” and “Your Success”. That is the only reason why you are in problems and surrounded with unhappiness at present. You have developed a habit of getting things from the civilization and are not giving back to the people.

Here giving back does not mean, you have to give back all your money and live like a drifter.  Instead give back all your wisdom, knowledge, and learning. Steer people what you have learned from your experiences.

Give, even if you only have a little. – The Buddha

Try to connect them in all your happiness. Try to understand their problems and ultimately you will find that you do not have such bigger problems in your life like the others have. Try to find out the solutions of other’s problems.

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It’s all about building quality relations in this world. Love and relations is what remains in this world once we die. All the money, happiness, money-oriented pleasures and property fades away. You will not even carry it with you once you will leave this world.

All that remains is your deeds. The good actions you do for the people and all the goodness you spread around you to serve others. Let’s start practicing these two words and teach natives about the same. Transforming lives is the only thing you could do to live a better life. So if you are searching for How to end all my troubles forever? Remember these two beautiful magical words – Gratitude and GiveBack.

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