Are you are Hiring for your New Startup?

Talking about startup and entrepreneurship, it doesn’t mean being a boss controlling a bunch of employees. It can be a lonely path to walk upon. Usually entrepreneurs start the journey alone; with a specific plan on mind. The need of the employees arises when the blue print of their idea transforms into a vision.

It doesn’t matter if an entrepreneur is working alone at present. He/she will definitely need help in coming future. When the business starts growing it requires employees to look after different departments for flawless functioning.

This is the phase when a founder has to pay attention to various aspects before hiring a team. He/she need to pay attention towards various factors like

Whom to hire?

When to hire?

Why to hire?

And some more considerations which lays emphasis on future growth of the start up like

Whether to hire a family member or relative?

Whether an experienced or fresher?

Whether a full time or part time employee?


Points to remember while hiring for your Startup

Team players win the game

One need to be very careful while hiring a new employee within a small organization. Involving a harmful person within a small organization can create problems for whole organization. In small organizations each and every person’s role is very important, and hiring employees without screening them properly can actually become a major reason of downfall of the organization.

The new hiring should be a good team player and should mix up with the team easily. He/she should fit in the work environment and the organizational work culture easily. Obviously he/she should be a skilled employee but should also know how to maintain good interpersonal relationship with other members. Team play is the key to success. A team should trust each other and support each other in a positive and constructive way.

Search for dynamic personalities

Quick and learner and skilled worker are very important. If the new hire is not able to learn and execute things faster then it will be the waste of time in investing on that person for sure. The reason is, you do not have enough employees to train your new hiring. So an experienced hiring is mandatory at the beginning.

Your initial phase hiring should have to be smarter and faster in order to take care of your further enhancements effectively. They need to have that zeal to learn and achieve more. Few traits and skills can be developed but various inbuilt traits are very important that should be present in the person you are going to hire for your start up.

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Say yes to the best

Do not hesitate to hire the best person at the beginning. Your first lot of employees should carry the smartest traits and the most productive ideas. This breed can lead your start up to the next level where you can divide the responsibilities to these employees in near future.

Invest on them and try to bring out the best of each and every person to perform at its best. Each and every department of your company should have a perfect leader to whom you can assign the responsibilities individually. Trust them and motivate them every other day.

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360 degree analysis

A 360 degree analysis should be done at the starting phase to understand the thought process and overall personality of the person. There is nothing bad in investing time at the beginning phase in hiring your first few employees; because these first few employees will definitely become a part of your successful journey.

These factors will definitely help you in hiring the cream employees at the beginning of your startup expansion in terms of staff. Do comment if the article helps.

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