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Grooming plays a major role in personal as well as professional life. It is very important to follow appropriate dress code for work places. One should wear the outfits in such a way that enhance their personality. Proper trimming of hair, nail length and the type of hand bag you carry says a lot about you.

Quick Grooming Tips to Enhance Your Shepreneur Side


Avoid clingy clothes and wear formal shirts and trousers or skirts. Go for the colors like grey, black, brown, navy blue, or other dark formal shades. Coordinate your handbag with outfit to complement overall look.

millionaires_core_attireMake up

It should be minimal and avoid highlighting your eyes or lips with heavy makeup, as they play an important role in communication. Cologne used should not be powerful and annoying; in fact it should be mild and smooth.


Avoid over accessorize

Colorful jewellery must be avoided; go for silver or golden. Try to keep it simple and elegant. It should complement your over all corporate image.

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Shoes should be black, navy or burgundy in color. Prefer flat bellies for your workplace or if you like to wear heels, than they should be comfortable and should not be noisy.

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