This is How a Gentleman Attends a Party

Attending a party like a gentleman is not a big deal if you are aware of these easy hacks we are going to discuss in this blog. Lifestyle these days revolves around work and parties. Working hard for 5 days and partying even harder during weekends is quite normal among youngsters. This blog is for all those party animals on how to boom it during weekend parties and rock like a pro. To leave a long lasting gentleman’s impression you need to know these hacks.


Party like a Gentleman

The Basics

It’s OK if it is a group’s plan and you are clubbing with your friends and colleagues. But if you are going to attend a private party; the basics you need are who is throwing the party and why? Never leave these two questions unanswered. A gentleman never forgets to greet the host. So try to approach the host as soon as you reach for the party, that too with a gift to leave a good impression.

The Dress Code

Wearing formal/semi formals during week days is quite normal. People working in multi-national companies and other firms wear formal/semi formal or even casuals for the office hours. Wearing similar clothes for the parties is a bad idea I guess. It’s not good for your overall personality; more over it is quite boring and an out dated idea. What you need to do is dedicate a corner of your wardrobe to the party wear clothes. A nice collection of party wear shirts like shining black, grey, white and dark shades is compulsory along with matching well fitted trousers.


Dedicated cologne

Wearing light cologne during week days is usually recommended; but you can go for a stronger fragrance while going out to pubs for parties. No one wants to dance with someone who smells like sweat. On the other hand do not wear light color shirts and go for darker shades as we discussed before in order to prevent those irritating sweat marks.

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Wearing a good chain strap watch will be an add on to your stunning looks. You can go for leather jacket, sports blazer or party wear coat (according to the weather). Keep it simple yet significant and do not over accessorize yourself. You can wear a matching tie/bow or a stylish scarf. A pair of party wears shoes apart from those regular casual and sports shoes are very important.

Track your booze

You can have drinks and booze for fun; but keeping track on your drinks is very important. Getting drunk and behaving like an impertinent person is not a good idea. Booze becomes the major reason which ruins the impression, so try not to take chances.

Treat others with respect and greet everyone with a smile. Try to get out of your comfort zone and socialize with others. One more tip to give your best at the parties is the Confidence. Confidence is what you can wear 24*7 to enhance your personality.

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