Sean Bean Revealed Something about Game of Thrones Season 1

Game of Thrones fans crafted many theories on what Ned Stark whispered just before he was beheaded in Game of Thrones Season 1. Few said he simply whispered “Valar Morghulis”, while few claimed “I kept my promise” makes sense about raising John Snow along with his kids. Making promise to his sister for shielding John Snow is the theory that can be acknowledged and related till GOT Season 7. If you want to have a look, here’s the clip of that particular scene from Game of Thrones Season 1.

Game of Thrones Season 1
Ned Stark, Game of Thrones Season 1

When there is too much hype behind the fire and snow dragons, John and Khaleesi and the Night King; Sean Bean came up with a brand new theory that makes brains as well. According to him he is not sure if he is right or not but he thinks “Ned Stark just prayed for himself and murmured few words just before the execution. Obviously if a person is aware of a problem coming towards him, he will pray for himself”.

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According to him Ned Stark also did the same and kept his words low, just to himself. The point is when something penetrates into the life of people and gets connected with their emotions and feelings; they craft various theories and come up with diverse dimensions which seem realistic but are not. GOT fans are fabricating various theories on “Who actually is the night king?”

Let’s see what is there for us in upcoming season 8 of Game of Thrones and where this epic tale heads to. Hope the hackers will not spoil the thrill by breaching HBO’s database this year and HBO would have taken measures to prevent them from doing so. Comment your expectations from GOT Season 8 and what do you think about Ned Stark’s whisper from Season 1.

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