Game of Thrones Motivational Lessons Well Delivered

Taking Game of Thrones motivational lessons into consideration; as it is one of the most popular shows of all time. Motivation is a continuous process, and we have to look for every opportunity to stay motivated and live our life to the fullest. Recently Game of thrones has completed its 7 seasons and was a big hit. Although it was rough for the team and HBO as it got hacked and the content got leaked all over the world.

Game of Thrones Motivational

Game of Thrones Motivational lessons

Take a Stand

You are here for a purpose. Try to make it clear inside your head and focus on it. Live your life for a purpose and never hesitate to take a stand, even if the whole world is against you. Take chance if you know it is worth doing and for the goodness of everyone. Recently we saw Jon Snow taking charge to visit Daenerys, to make a pact to mine for the Dragon Glass and fight against the white walkers. Although his people were not in his favor but he took the initiative as he knew the consequences were in favor of the mortals.

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Loyalty is Foremost

Remain loyal to the people you love and care about. Recent example of the same is Jorah who got caught with the grey scale disease and was dying of the same. When Daenerys asked him to go and find the cure and come back to her to serve her, Jorah did the same and took a lot of pain to get well soon and went back to her queen. Here his loyalty and love gave him the power to fight with such a deadly disease.

Never Lose Hope

Love Yourself

Taking an example of Tyrion Lannister here can clear the picture. He is one of the most powerful characters in Game of Thrones and is still standing in the same position like he was in season 1. He is the only character with highest number of appearance in the series. Despite of his looks when people around him taunt him sarcastically and insult him, he never loses hope and is ever ready with an answer.

Try to forgive

Always try to forgive and have some empathy. Try to understand everyone and listen to them. Everyone makes mistake like Jorah did, when he was spying against Daenerys few seasons back. In recent episodes when Daenerys came to know about his loyalty, she accepted him and asked him to stay by her side.

Never Underestimate Your Competitor

The latest episode when the Game of thrones’ suicide squad went to catch a white walker, to prove their existence to other houses in King’s landing. They were not ready with a backup plan and underestimated the white walkers. The cost they had to pay ultimately was one of the dragons. This surely gives us a lesson and we should keep a note on the same to live a better life.

Adopting these “Game of Thrones motivational” lessons into life can actually transform our mindset and can help us in growing better.

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