From Poetries, Lyrics Writing to Making Things which Disturbs the Universe! This Man is Slaying it All

I was born and brought up in Dehradun which at that time was a very small town and I being a very small town boy with big dreams had no idea how to execute them. I came from a middle class family so yes things were tough at times but luckily my parents made sure that I get what I dreamt of. Initially at the school time I was more into Hindi debates and have represented my school into nationals a couple of times. Eventually that was the time when I realized that I have a bend towards or was more fascinated towards music and rocket science. So coming from a simple middle class family these both dreams were demanding and felt impossible. I was in class 8th and I decided to take one thing at a time.

Srihari, Jonita, Me and Shravan

Musical Jouney

Since music was something that was already in the school and I decided to take that up since it was easy to approach. But my parents were totally against me, getting into classical music so that was a tough run chase and chances to convince my parents for it. But after all sincere efforts over span of a year with all the help from my music teacher Mr. Vaibhav Arya I finally managed to secure 3 years of distinction degree in Hindustani classical music and 2 years of degree into Sugam Sangeet (light music) from Prayag Samiti, Allahabad.

Recording with Jonita

Rocket Science

Since then my involvement into music has been constant and has been increasing. Simultaneously I started searching for the prospects of Aerospace engineering in our country and four years of research was enough to help me draw a career plan, but unfortunately or fortunately I was unable to crack IITs or NIT, which ultimately landed me into a four years degree program in Amity and also with a promise to make all the sufferings of my parents to make a worthy one. So my dad’s friends and who so ever who used to come to my house and used to compare and tell my dad that he has no scope since he is not into IITs and NIT and studying into a private college that pushed me to do everything to prove them wrong.

After 4 years I was placed into an IT company as an engineer but that was not what I wanted. I was offered a handsome salary because I knew it would give me all the comfort and I will give upon my struggle. This decision landed me with no job for 3 months and eventually no money as I had already informed my parents that I have already started earning since day 1. That time was really tough and my friends were the only hope and support at that time. Also I did not wanted to be just an engineer but to lead the business on front which was difficult as no one was ready to trust me without an MBA degree or work experience.

With Raj Shekhar Lyricist Tanu Weds Manu

So I had to take a U turn and not directly wishing to join an aerospace domain I took up a job and started handling business development and operations and keep on working on my aerospace dream. The hard work eventually paid when after 1.5 years of struggle I got an opportunity to come back to my own domain and work. Rest from that time till now things have been more smooth and today I am proud to note it down that I single handedly handle clients, be it domestic or international like AirBus, ISRO, HAL, DRDOs and major players into Aerospace.

With Piyush Mishra


So my chase towards my aerospace dream didn’t let the dream and my passion towards writing or music go off. I eventually started writing since day 1 of my college and kept it with me, which was read by few of my friends and they pushed me to raise the bar and spread it. That was the time; I came up with my Facebook page Alfaaz Mere – Feelings Inside, which currently is a family of 8K plus people. I started pitching my poetry and lyrics to many of the composers but was backed down every single time. There have been chances when I have shared my work to many of the composers and that has been used without any credits and I had no stand at that time. This series of rejections and cheating ran for 6 long years which led to times I decided to even push off. But that dream to be more than ordinary was always along.

With Jonita Gandhi

One single time after all these hustle I was introduced to a magician composer Srihari from Chennai. He gave me an opportunity to write for a single called Ud Chal, and rest was history. That opportunity led me to share this project with very talented Jonita Gandhi and Keba Jeremiha and very big names from the industry. It also helped me to bag an entire album called ‘Safarnama’ which do have people from industry and best people from every domain of the work, be it sounds engineer or singers.

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That was the big opportunity for me and has been written and is ready for the release this April. Apart from this I have been approached for many singles from the renowned production houses and labels that will get matured at the later stage or the next quarter of the year. These two things have been my passion and dreams. Today when I analyze and look back that yes, there has been many sleepless nights, sacrifices and lost lots of people in this dream run chase. But I am happy that I am living both of my dreams.

Links of my Poetry videos :

****Submitted by Kajender Srivastava****
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