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Forget about Wi-Fi, the Future is Li-Fi: Deepak Solanki at the age of 22 had already figured out his plans to play with technology to provide value to the people all over the globe. Deepak, an engineering student wanted to start something in research related to robotics at IIT Bombay and IIIT Hyderabad. In 2012 Deepak registered a sole proprietorship business to take it to the next level and to play with the technology named Light Fidelity (Li-Fi).

Forget about Wi-Fi, the Future is Li-Fi
Forget about Wi-Fi, the Future is Li-Fi

Yes, at present we are using Wi-Fi to stay connected with the internet and are dependent on such networking. But what if there are LED bulbs to deliver high speed networked, mobile communication? The most significant information to keep in mind is that Li-Fi can provide the internet speed that is 100 times faster than the current Wi-Fi we are using. Isn’t it amazing?

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Deepak Solanki, Founder and CEO of Velmenni Research & Development (India) says when he first came across this technology, he found it interesting and started working on the same along with his friends. Till the end of 2013 the prototype of the project was ready and Deepak started approaching the investors for funds to transform his prototype into a real working model. Although he was disappointed as investors were not at all interested in something like this and were busy investing in the online space. They frequently suggested Deepak to go for ecommerce or something to get better funding.

To stay in the competition and keep that zeal alive inside him, Deepak picked up product consulting jobs for various companies in the electronics domain and got the chance to join Buildit hardware accelerator, Estonia in 2014.

Soon he joined a three months program in Europe and started pitching the project to various investors and entrepreneurs. By 2015 he finally cracked a life changing deal from the Estonian entrepreneur in the lighting domain to integrate LI-Fi in LED lights.

Deepak wanted to set up his research and development team in India, so he moved back as soon as he got the right time to do so. There were many reasons why Deepak wanted to start the venture in India itself. He wants to provide the technology to the people at reasonable cost and wants to add value to people’s lives.

This technology is promising as there are few competitors in this space and there is an urgent need to upgrade this technology as well to meet up the present demand of internet needs. Forget about Wi-Fi, the Future is Li-Fi. Li-Fi is set to completely change the dimensions of internet technology and hope we move forward to 5G asap!!!! Heartiest congratulations and best wishes from Millionaires Core to Deepak Solanki and his company Velmenni Research and Development Pvt. Ltd.

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