Foldercrate announces Open Beta

Foldercrate announces Open Beta: A new internet startup named Foldercrate from Switzerland has announced its Open Beta. Foldercrate combines standard online services like email, cloud storage, calendar, notes, tasks, contacts and chat in a single secure and easy to use service. All services are adjusted to each other, so they can work perfectly side by side but what makes Foldercrate stand out so much? Due to the increased performance of collaboration and communication everything will be a lot easier, you have a better overview and you can manage everything like you’ve never done before. While there are a lot of features coming you might think this is surely more confusing, but it is the opposite, it seems so familiar that you will have no problem at all handling the service and at the same time it seems like something completely new.

Foldercrate announces Open Beta

Foldercrate announces Open Beta
Foldercrate announces Open Beta

The service is currently in development and a lot of features are planned to surprise you in the future, but it has already quite a few things to see and use. We are starting our Beta at this unfinished point because we would like to develop the service with user input so that we can give you what you want.

Foldercrate announces Open Beta: Foldercrate’s top priority is privacy and freedom, you should not be forced to only choose between one of them. With zero knowledge, no data being sold, no monitoring, just absolute privacy for yourself and beside of that a lot of customization will be available, you can for example choose your own design, background and even folder icons. Choose how you want to use and see your Foldercrate service, there will be a lot of options open for you!

But before you get absolutely hyped to all the things coming up just remember that Foldercrate is in a very early stage yet and until you can use the service to its fullest it will take some time, but with your help it can go on even faster, no matter if it’s a feature suggestion, a bug report or even just your opinion.

If you want to give it a try, visit the website and register for free:

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