Facebook Flags Major Changes – Alters News Feed for Well Being

Facebook Flags Major Changes and is altering its news feed algorithm to save time of its users. Facebook wants people to get the quality content on its news feeds. Mark Zuckerberg asked his team to filter such content and make vital changes to offer good quality posts to the users.

Facebook Flags Major Changes
Facebook Flags Major Changes to News Feed

Facebook is doing this at the cost of news outlets, public content, the time spent and the advertisements you see on Facebook. VP of Facebook news feed Mr. Adam Mosseri told Techcrunch that the team expects that the amount of publishers on Facebook will decrease and the overall time on Facebook will go down; but it is the right thing to do to uphold the quality.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s vision is to transform the overall picture of Facebook from a time wasting black hole to the source of productive and quality content. These changes on the news feed will surely decrease the quantity of content on Facebook news feed but will increase the quality of content for its authentic users as well.

There is a significant dissimilarity between “the good and bad facebooking” as isolated scrolling of news feeds without engaging with the content can be harmful for the users and can be time wasting as well. More over engaging with friends and having a to and fro discussion can ultimately be productive.

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According to Mark Zuckerberg, maintaining a proper balance between the public news feed and posts from relatives, family and friends is very important. This is what Facebook is all about, to stay connected with family and friends.

Let’s see if this strategy of Facebook to control this public news feed flooding with the promotional and spamming content will work or not. The publishers might face problems in near future, but the genuine users will surely love this move of Facebook.

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