Embrace Your Critics, They Play a Vital Role in Your Success

Want to find out if you are a successful person or not? The best way to get the answer is to tot up your critics. If you have got an adequate amount of critics behind your back, you visibly are a successful person.

It does not matter if you are a successful entrepreneur or a booming public figure. People start criticizing you behind your back as soon as they start getting the positive aura out of you. That is the right time to know that you are doing something full-size and unique.


Love all Your Critics – They Work For You

A smile will do

Attacking back with negative conversations will give you nothing; moreover it will spoil your frame of mind as well as spread negativity in your life. The best way to deal with a critic is to smile and thank them for pointing out one more of your weakness.

Wasting energy on arguments will take you nowhere. They do not deserve your energy which you can utilize on your own productive works. Even Jeff Bezos, the influential entrepreneur has commented the same on critics.


Your opinion is important

People’s opinion cannot decide your future. Critic’s opinion should not be given a second consideration if it’s not important. Your opinion about yourself is what matters the most. You are the architect of your fate. You are the one who has the right to decide your next move.

Do not underestimate yourself just because of the opinions of the critics. Critics are very important in building you up. They challenge the status quo, and without them we would never have entrepreneurs and inventors.

You are also a critic

We all have been critics at some point of time. From criticizing about the invention of first touch screen phone to a off beam shot in a cricket match, we all make comments about other person. So in the same way we should consider all the critics an essential element of the society and should not take it as a weighty subject of course.

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Best free service in the world

Consider your critics like a free consultancy service. They give you advice, free of cost that too when you don’t even need it. They ping you up by themselves, giving you a quality comment to show the weakness. That is the best part. Consider them like the robots that analyze your performance and gives you a report at the end.

Get all the essential information from them and implement the advice to improve your productivity. That is what you should do, according to me.

Try to bring a change

When you start something innovative with a hope to achieve something big in near future; things seems to be rough and impossible at times. People do not accept you at first, they start judging you and sometimes they do not even care of your actions.

On the other hand the critics pay profound attention to all your steps and analyze them actually. Even if they have a motto of finding the loopholes in the system, but they do care about what you are doing. Here the chances are the critics may convert into the loyal supporters and followers after getting familiar with all your moves. So embrace them and do not let them disappear in the crowd.

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