Most Common Fitness Myths Busted – Facts You Should Be Aware of

Do you know why you are not getting the results which you deserve out there in the gym? Reason being you are following the wrong advice. We have geared up a list of Most Common Fitness Myths that occupy an identical space in our sub-conscious mind and are creating problems for you in living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Go through these myths. We are busting them with interesting facts for you.

Common Fitness Myths
Common Fitness Myths and Facts you should be aware of

Common Fitness Myths

Myth: Crunches are the secret to 6-packs

Fact: Crunches might be the most admired exercise among bodybuilders and fitness freaks; but it is not the key to 6 packs. The reason behind the fact is, if the posture of working out on the abs with crunches is not correct. It will not affect the portion which is to be targeted. As it diverts the tension to the shoulders and back and fails in maintaining the mind body connection. It is an iconic workout for abs but for the beginners and the people who do not get results from the same, should go for Bridges and Planks.

If you are a “Crunches lover” make sure to do it properly or else it can put your spine in a sore arched position.

Myth: Running is bad for knees and back

Fact: Women are most likely to get knees and back problems after running for a significant period of time; but the reason behind it is not running, but the total body strength and the imbalance in strength ratio between their hamstrings and quadriceps. Scientists and doctors counsel women to involve themselves in total body physical workout for at least 3 days a week.

Physical workout will not only make you stronger but will also improve your running experience and reduces the chances of getting injured from it. It also reduces the fat building mechanism in the body.

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Myth: Sweating means burning calories

Fact: Sweating can be the result of the weather or geographical conditions, overheated room or your personal physical conditions. Sweating does not mean burning calories. Sweating due to the actual workout when the body has actually suffered the pain and tension throughout the session is what actually accounts.

Myth: More Gym More Muscles Growth

Fact: It is actually a myth that working out for 2 to 3 hours in the gym will help you out in packing muscles at a faster rate. It is actually 30 % workout and 70% diet that matters. So working out for 45 minutes with a good workout routine is equally helpful while maintaining a good diet plan simultaneously.

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Myth: Skipping breakfast helps in losing weight

Fact: Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day. It should be heavy and nutritious. Including rich protein, carbohydrates and fibers in the diet can actually provide you energy throughout the day. Due to the fast moving lifestyle people are not able to keep track and are often skipping their breakfast. We have also posted on how you can overcome this habit of skipping breakfast and maintain a healthy diet and happier lifestyle.

Here is a bonus tip

Never skip your sleep and take proper sleep of about 6 to 8 hours a day. Skipping sleep not only ruins your skin and facial charm but also reduces the metabolic rate and becomes the major reason of gaining weight. Beware of such Common Fitness Myths and stay healthy and happy.

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