You Matter to this World: Combat Depression

You Matter to this World: Combat Depression: It is absolutely alright to feel sad sometimes because it happens with everyone at some point of life. There can be lot of reasons for depression like a friend deceived you or failure of a business or lost of interest in life.It is necessary to be strong and fight for a life as sadness is a part and parcel of life.


Here are Few Tips on How to Combat Depression? 

1.Spend time with children – Children are curious and fun loving so they will make you forget about your worries and tensions.Try to play with them and smile as often as you can.

2.Eat healthy – Try to eat more fruits as it will  give you energy to get up from bed and spend some time outside. Sometimes you can definitely gift yourself favorite desserts be it a chocolate,cake or an ice cream.

3.Motivation – Read some books which are motivational or you can watch videos, read Inspirational Quotes and Success Stories. There is plethora of such motivational things that you can learn from your surroundings.

4.Talk to your friends – Friends can understand us very well because they are of same age and may be they have gone through same things in their lives. Moreover, if you do not want to share just go and spend some time together and try to shed away your worries by laughing.

5.Positive vibes – You know we all have some people in our lives who gives us positive vibes like we feel so good and optimistic while being with them.Go, talk and listen to them and even their presence around you can make you feel good .

6.Exercise – Wake up early in the morning and do some exercises to make you feel light throughout the day.They will heal you from within and you will feel the difference in short time. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

7.Fix your sleeping hours – Sleep at least 8 hours a day because it will certainly make you feel better.You can also have evening nap for an hour to feel good.


Don’t give up ! You were brought to this world for a purpose.Try to understand your worth and self love is the solution for every problem.

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Sharan Kang

Studied at IMS Unison University for MBA.I am highly motivated to succeed in everything I do in life.I strive to be strong and independent and hope my blog motivates other women to succeed.

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