Skinny to Fit, Vyapak Ubhan Came a Long Way – Body Transformation

Hi! My name is Vyapak Ubhan, and this is my body transformation story. When others were working on their body to give it a definition in the gym, I just joined the gym to fill my t-shirt and boost my confidence. From that skinny body of 55KG of weight in 2015 to 84KG at present, I worked harder and kicked my a** off to transform into a beast.

Body Transformation
Before starting the journey

I used to be very skinny which obviously looks a little bit unhelpful for a 6’1” tall guy. I was not at all satisfied with the look and with a vision of getting a perfect body I always wished for; I joined the Shiva Gym, Racecourse, Dehradun.

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I loaded lots of motivational stuff and inspirational videos into my subconscious mind. Got educated myself about different workout routines and diet plans to suit my body better. Finally thanks to my workout partner Shiva Chaudhary, who motivated me and made me realize my true potential and witnessed my Body Transformation story in 1.5 years.

Body Transformation
After 1.5 years of hard work and dedication

In this journey of getting skinny to fit I learned a lot of things which I want to share with you people so that the beginners who want to boost their knowledge about bodybuilding, fitness and gym may get a clear picture of how to start.

How to start?

Start with a clear vision of what kind of body you wish for. Want to go for hardcore bodybuilding, look like a fitness model or just want to gain enough size to enhance your personality?

The Planning

Once the vision gets clear, try to portrait the plan or schedule by studying various authentic articles and accessing informational videos of trained professionals. Prepare a good diet plan and workout schedule by consulting certified trainers.

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The Execution

Buckle up to get a brand new version of yourself. Kick your butt off until you get the perfect shape and size you always wished for. You will surely feel like giving up sometimes. But that is not the reason why you started right?

Stay Motivated

Follow your will and stay motivated 24*7. Once you will notice the changes in your body, staying fit will become your addiction and you will thank yourself for not giving up.

Thanks to Millionaires Core for giving me this opportunity to showcase my Body Transformation Story and tell the world how I changed by getting motivated from the people around me. I just want to tell the people be fit be motivated and achieve your goal you are not less than anybody you can be you want to.

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